Meet the Board!

Easton Heritage Day is an annual community event organized by a group of volunteers from Easton, Pa and it’s surrounding communities. Many hours of planning, solicitation, review and set up are involved in presenting this celebration for the community, which highlights the area’s important history for visitors.

Meet the Board of Directors that put in countless hours in ensuring Heritage Day goes off without a hitch:

Diane Bower, Chairwoman, City Liaison & Logistics Coordinator

Anna Rittle, Treasurer

Lori Catanzaro, Sponsorship Coordinator

Lynn Ondrusek, Secretary & Social Media, Website and Marketing Coordinator

Carter Lansing, Music and Sound Coordinator

Jim Schoof, Marketing & History Coordinator

Patricia Burton, History Coordinator

Dustin Schoof, Donna Land & Brooke Shilling  Fireworks Experience Fundraiser Coordinators

Caiden Flowers, Attendee Services Coordinator

The Board of Directors would also like the thank the many, many volunteers that help them out in the countless tasks that guarantee Easton Heritage Day happens each year.

Want to become part of the board? Email chairwoman Diane Bower at to discuss opportunities in getting involved.