Fireworks Experience

The Fireworks Experience is back for Heritage Day 2017!
We are excited to offer you a different way to celebrate Heritage Day, as well as guaranteed seats for the fireworks! Set in the Gold Room and the patio of the Grand Eastonian Hotel, this Americana dinner includes jazz music, a free take-home photograph, a bar, desserts, and a raffle, plus your seat for the best fireworks show in all of Easton.
On site libations include Eight Oaks Distillery, Two Rivers Brewing Co., and Tolino Vineyards.
Event goes from 5 p.m. until the last fire work pops.
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Fireworks Experience 2016
Tickets cost $65 per person and proceeds go toward Easton Area Heritage Day, a 501c3 non-profit that organizes Heritage Day each year. Use the secure PayPal button below to purchase tickets. or can be bought at Just Around the Corner, 5A N. Bank Street or at Common Space, 160 Northampton Street, both in Easton.

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We’d like to thank the following for sponsoring the 2017 Fireworks Experience:


Grand Eastonian

Brooke's Remodeling

Eight Oaks Tolino Vineyards