Living History Reenactors

Easton’s history is part of the history of our country. On Heritage Day you have a great opportunity to meet re-enactors who have made it their passion to become informed about a specific period of history or a person’s contributions, like Benjamin Franklin or George Taylor, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Re-enactors can tell you what the concerns of people of that period were, what life was like for the average person, and show you what they wore and the tools they used. As you walk around Centre Square and along Northampton Street, talk to the re-enactors.  Who knows what you will learn!

Thank you to all the groups that made 2017’s festival unforgettable!

  • 3rd PA Light Infantry (Revolutionary War)
  • 1st Pennsylvania Regiment (Revolutionary War)
  • Lambs Artillery (Revolutionary War)
  • 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment (Revolutionary War)
  • 6th Pennsylvania Regiment (Revolutionary War)
  • 153rd Pennsylvania Regiment (Civil War)
  • 9th Division (World War II)
  • Northampton County Marine Corps (Korea)
  • Army Ground Forces Association: is IRS listed 501.c.3 non-profit public charity dedicated to promoting and facilitating research, interest and pride in America’s veterans of WWII.  We specialize in restoration, preservation and interpretation of the history of the United States Army’s Coast Artillery Corps (Harbor Defense, railway artillery and anti-aircraft missions). Our mission is accomplished through living history based interpretive programming and by the preservation and restoration of United States Army structures and equipment.  We have an interpretive agreement with the National Park Service at Fort Hancock (Sandy Hook) New Jersey where we are restoring and interpreting Battery Gunnison/New Peck which retains its original M1900 6-inch seacoast rifles.

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If you would like to participate in 2017’s festival, or have any questions, please contact the Heritage Day Board at .




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