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Starting with a Welcome Reception on Friday, July 7th, a Two Cry Competition and Award Dinner on Saturday, and a performance cry on Sunday during the 2017 Easton Heritage Day Celebration, the Easton Heritage Town Crier Competition will be an event that any Town Crier will want to participate in. The judging criteria will follow the guidelines of the American Guild of Town Criers and can be viewed here.

 The competition will start off on Saturday morning, July 8th, with the venue for the first Cry being the Easton Farmers’ Market in Center Square.  Cry topic will recognize the historic importance of farmer’s markets and acknowledge the 265th birthday of the Easton Farmers Market.

Second Cry will be at the former Simon Silk Mill which is now being repurposed for apartments, office space, restaurant, and yes, another brewery.  Topic of cry will be the industrial heritage of Easton and its role in the industrial revolution.   

On Heritage Day, Sunday, July 9th, Criers will perform a cry prior to the reading of the Declaration of Independence at Noon.  Cry to take a side regarding whether the colonies should declare independence from Great Britain.   This cry is not part of the competition so criers will not be judged by judges, just the audience.

If you have any questions regarding the event, criteria, or lodging, please contact David Rose at

Sponsors for the 
2017 Easton Heritage Town Crier Competition

2017 Easton Heritage Day Committee

Easton Farmers Market

Mayor’s Office of Special Events.


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