Town Criers

Since 2013, Town Criers have added their unique presence to the Heritage Day Celebration. Their “cries” about independence start at 11:00 a.m. and precede the Reading of the Declaration at noon. The tradition continues this year with criers from Canada and the United States proclaiming either for or against the idea of independence of the colonies from Great Britain.  Don’t assume that you will be able to predict which side they take based on where they are from.  Listen carefully and either cheer or boo once you hear what they have to say.

In recognition of the strong German presence in the Easton area, especially during the period of the Revolutionary War, there will be a public reading of the German translation of the Declaration of Independence at 3:00 p.m. on the Heritage Stage by the Town Crier from Minden, Germany.  The reading in German is also in recognition that it was a Philadelphia German language newspaper, the “Pennsylvanisher Staatsbote”, that was the first paper in the county on July 5, 1776, to announce that the Declaration of Independence had been adopted and provided a full translation the following day.

Town Criers who will be performing on Sunday at Heritage Day will be competing on Saturday in an International Town Crier “Cry Off.”  Fifteen Town Criers from the United States, Canada, and Germany will be competing against each other at two separate venues around Easton. Read more on our International Cry Off” Competition page.


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