Artisans & Reenactors

Traditional Artisans

Learn about traditional methods for producing items like glass, artwork and fabrics from several artisans. Their demonstrations will reinforce the balance of artistry and practicality that was an essential part of their advocation.


  • Blacksmithing
  • Flax-Linen Demo
  • Glass Blowing
  • Quill & Brush (on paper):
  • What is a LIMNER? A limner is one who describes or depicts by painting or drawing. I have been drawing and painting for many years and portraying a colonial limner during those years. A colonial limner was usually a painter who roamed the countryside in search of commissions. Most times they would trade for their services and would often paint signs or houses. I demonstrate writing & drawing using tools of the 18th century; quill & ink, port-de-crayon, chalk & charcoal. I also will paint small watercolor landscapes using the primary colors.


  • Second Saturday Spinners: Second Saturday Spinners, a local fiber arts group, was founded as a knowledge sharing community of spinners, knitters and weavers. Named for the monthly meeting day in Hellertown, the members demonstrate the very much current art of spinning at the Bethlehem Rose Garden Farmers Market and various other festivals and markets in the Lehigh Valley.  The membership is comprised of experienced spinners, knitters, weavers and sheep breeders as well as those brand new to these disciplines.

Reenactors & Groups

  • 109th Infantry, 28th Division
  • 153rd Pennsylvania
  • 1st Brigade 50th Armor Division
  • 1st Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 27th Armored Infantry Battalion
  • 3rd regiment United States Colored Troops                                                                   
  • 9th Division
  • Army Ground Forces Association
  • Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania
  • 1st Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers (Loyalists)
  • Native Living History by Drew Shuptar Rayvis: Eight Coats, Seven Shirts, Fifteen Fathom Wampum:
    Early Colonial Settlement and the First Deeds (1650-1690)                                                           
  • Northampton County Historical Impression
  • Ulysses S. Grant 
  • Songs and Stories of Old Canal Days with Matt Dodd: Dressed in period clothing, Matthew takes listeners back in time to feel what life was like for the men, women and children who ran the boats and tended the mules on the old canals and of the lock tenders who served dawn to dawn at the canal locks.  Matthew has collected a variety of songs written by the folks who were there, and he uses background stories (some humorous, some serious) to put the songs in the context  of the times. Throughout the show, Matthew sings and plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, banjo and mandolin.